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Wedding Ceremony


Wedding ceremony at hillview heritage hotel has several unique and beautiful options , having hosted weddings at various locations on the property. Our first and most popular is our Lookout Point. Boasting incredible views of the Southern Highlands, the Lookout Point is absolutely beautiful; a perfect background for your perfect day. Elsewhere on the property we have incredible locations beneath our old oak trees, or in our rustic fields. Whatever your preference might be, Hillview has a setting that can perfectly match

For those wanting a church ceremony, Hillview offers a unique opportunity for that as well. Several churches of different denominations are located within very short drive of Hillview. These churches are all quite beautiful, many being quite old and rustic, matching the feel and look of Hillview.

The Estate Ideal For Wedding Ceremony

• Built in the 1850ʼs
• Former Vice Regal retreat
• State Heritage significant site boasting rich history
• Unique architectural stylings
• Magnificent views of valleys, rivulet and picturesque sunsets

We Offer Cottages For You And Your Guests

•  8 on site cottages (can accommodate up to 20 people)
• Luxurious king-sized beds
• Claw foot cast iron baths
• Continental breakfast
• Privacy and comfort
• Possibility to throw bridesmaid slumber parties the night before, or as a bachelor party location
• Some cottages have open wood fireplaces

Wedding Ceremony

• 8 acres of gardens
• Several beautiful spots for your wedding ceremony (we will walk you through when you come to visit the property)
• Most popular spot for wedding ceremony is at our lookout point (a grass covered cliff that offers breathtaking views of the valley)